Inverter Replacement RMA Services – Quote

Inverter Replacement RMA Services – Quote

Services include labor only for the removal and the reconfiguration to install a like for like or similar replacement inverter.

Inverter sold separately.

(See below for the scope of work)


Replacement of inverter includes up to 2 per order and the following:

  • Standard 10 year inverter manufacturer’s warranty
  • Inspect all string DC electrical connections
  • Inspect all AC conductors
  • Install new mechanical components for hanging of inverter
  • Install all new fusing
  • Commission inverter with correct configurations
  • Measure production and compare data
  • Make and test communications connections
  • If DOA unit under warranty and RMA will be initiated with manufacturer
  • Field service report is included after visit
    • Next steps are described if required
  • Inverter not included

Note: Man lift equipment may be needed (charged separately)